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gaming pc build

If you’re an active gamer then you’ve probably heard your friends talking about their high-performance custom gaming PC. Typical gaming rigs offered at electronic stores can look pretty catchy and always seem to claim to offer the “best gaming experience”. But what is a custom gaming PC and how does it differ from a pre-built system purchased from your local electronics store?


While most gaming PCs are going to be made up of similar types of parts, custom gaming PCs allow the owner to pick and choose the pieces of hardware they want in their build. Pre-built gaming PCs offer little to no optimization or selection when it comes to hardware. The company designs the system with specific hardware and then mass produces it to sell in stores.

Custom gaming PCs are mostly associated with computer enthusiasts that build their own computers. The hardware used in the computer is entirely up to the builder, and they can construct their gaming PC however they see fit. This can provide great flexibility and allow you to build your computer to your own specs, however, it also requires the knowledge of building a computer by hand.

Luckily, Allied offers a unique service that provides you with a way to construct your own custom gaming PC without having to put it together yourself. Allied offers a quick and simple way of selecting hardware and incorporating it into a gaming PC. We offer a wide variety of options and will then build the computer before shipping it to your doorstep. This allows people who aren’t as familiar with computer components to have the same customizability as those who build their own custom gaming PCs.


While several companies have made a name for themselves by designing high-end pre-designed PCs, you will end up paying a heavy premium for their products. While these machines offer high performance and quality hardware, you are stuck with the pieces and parts they have chosen to use in their pre-designed PCs.

Other lesser-known brands can provide more reasonably priced gaming PCs, however, you are still stuck with whatever hardware they choose. Oftentimes smaller brands will also load up their machines with bloatware, extra software that is installed to encourage you to spend more money. This software tends to lower the performance of the machine and forces the user to go in and remove it from the computer for better performance.

Custom gaming PCs are constructed from the ground up with your specifications in mind. You can choose the parts that go into it, and you won’t have to worry about bloatware or additional hardware hogging up any resources.

If you don’t mind learning how to take apart your computer, custom PCs can be pretty cost-effective when it’s time to upgrade as well. Custom gaming PCs are generally much easier when it comes to replacing and upgrading the hardware inside as opposed to a pre-designed PC, which can end up saving you hundreds of dollars.

So if you’re in the market for a custom gaming PC, check out this article on where you can find the best custom PCs in Australia.


With customization and flexibility being one of the biggest advantages of purchasing a custom-built gaming PC, hardware options are pretty important. Allied Gaming offers a wide range of options to choose from so you should be able to find the perfect combination of hardware you want in your custom gaming rig.

Allied Gaming offers three primary models that then offer additional options based on the hardware and specs you are looking for. These models are the Allied Stinger, Allied Patriot, and Allied M.O.A.B. Each model has a different size case which allows you to choose between a compact M-ATX up to a Full-Tower. All of the cases are well designed for airflow and cooling, as well as looking incredibly unique.

You can select from either AMD or Intel CPUs, and then choose additional options based on what kind of CPU you want to incorporate into your build. Several motherboard options are provided so you can get all of the features and connections you need. Choose from a wide range of RAM speeds and capacity, even allowing you to go up to 64GB if you want an ultra-future-proofed rig, or perhaps a system that doubles as a productivity machine as well.

We recognize the importance of a graphics card in a custom build, so there is a huge selection of graphics cards to choose from including both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. While you’re at it you can also choose what type of SSD you want and even how many you want to incorporate into your build.

You’re also able to choose from a number of cooling options, custom RGB lighting, operating systems, and a lot more. The customizability Allied provides allows you to truly build your custom gaming PC the way you want it. If you aren’t quite sure about what you might need, check out this article on how we built a $xxxx custom gaming PC and you might get some ideas.


Allied Gaming has spent countless hours of research sorting through all of the PC hardware offerings so that you have the best selection to choose from. But what are the components that will give you the most performance for your money?

The CPU is one of the most important parts in your custom gaming PC. Almost every process conducted by your computer is directly or indirectly affected by the CPU. If your CPU’s performance is too low then you will end up bottlenecking your entire PC and your performance will be limited no matter how much RAM or what kind of graphics card you put in. AMD Ryzen and Intel Core processors start from entry-level 4-core models right through to 16-core gaming juggernauts that will never bottleneck your performance, no matter what you throw at it.

Graphics are a huge part of gaming, so it makes sense that a graphics card is a key performance enhancer in a custom gaming PC. While some CPUs come with integrated graphics which could take the place of a graphics card, a dedicated graphics card is pretty much required in any medium to high-end gaming build. A good graphics card is the determining factor of what kind of graphic settings you can play your games on. So if you plan on running all of your games on high settings then don’t cheap out on your graphics card. NVIDIA’s GTX and RTX series cards have been performance mainstays for many years, while AMD’s Radeon RX series cards have gained ground and now offer competitive alternatives for gaming at all resolutions and quality settings.

The third biggest factor in your PCs performance will be your hard drive, specifically the addition of a solid-state drive in your custom gaming build. NVME SSDs are insanely fast compared to the older HDDs so you will want to make sure to incorporate one that’s at least big enough to hold your operating system. If you are used to using a PC with an older hard disk drive, prepare yourself to go from a 30+ second startup to just a few seconds with an SSD. It makes a huge difference.

Being a true end-to-end gaming brand, Allied also offers a range of branded PC gaming components that will are used in our builds to enhance both your custom gaming PC’s performance and appeal. Components such as Allied TaskForce RAM, Allied Engin power supplies, Allied IceCube All-In-One Liquid Coolers, Allied Mach-9 Fan Kits and Allied Nebula RGB Lighting Kits are all used in builds and available for separate purchase.

If you are unsure of where to start or how much a good custom gaming PC can cost, check out this article on how much a good custom gaming PC should cost. It can give you some excellent pointers on hardware and the performance it provides.


You can build the highest performing PC in the world, but it would be nothing without high-quality peripherals to support it. Peripherals like a computer mouse and keyboard can greatly affect the performance you see on your system. While your system might have the capability to perform spectacularly, if you are limited by a low DPI mouse or an unresponsive keyboard then you will never get the high performance you paid for.

Making sure you have a high DPI mouse like the Allied Flashbang will ensure you are taking full advantage of the performance of your machine. If you don’t know what DPI means, it stands for “Dots per inch” and it refers to the accuracy and movement tracking ability of the mouse. The higher the DPI, the better and more accurately it will track your movement.

Having a high-end keyboard is equally important for any gaming PC. Allied has a wide variety of RGB mechanical keyboards to choose from that all offer high quality and accurate key functions. Choosing the right keyboard is going to be dependent on what type of games you play. Most gamers want a fast-reacting mechanical keyboard because they are accurate and the keypresses provide concise feedback. However, if you also play MMOs or other games that require keymapping or macros then you may want to look at keyboards that offer that additional functionality.

Add to this the Allied Warhead 7.1 Gaming Headset and an Allied TacMat RGB Gaming Surface (including the TacMat Charge, a model that has an in-built wireless charger), and an Allied Gaming Monitor and you’ll have an Allied custom gaming PC and matching peripherals sure to look as impressive as you’re destined to perform.


Purchasing or building a custom gaming PC can offer some great flexibility and customized options over a typical pre-designed PC while also providing top tier performance. If you are interested in building your own PC then check out this article on how to build your own clean custom gaming PC.

If you aren’t sure if you have the time to invest, then take a look at the services Allied can provide. It can be a great way to choose the parts you want while having your PC professionally assembled so you don’t have to worry about any issues. It also comes with lifetime technical support and a range of warranties, so if anything goes wrong your investment is protected.